Living in Door County is Unique.

The specialness of Door County real estate is waiting to be discovered. With 19 individual communities in the county, those living here enjoy all the feel goods of a small American town. Filled with quaint eateries, charming wineries, seemingly limitless outdoor spots for play, and a lively arts scene, Door County property is always in demand. And, for clients buying or selling, Door County real estate needs are as unique as each town itself.

Experts in the region, Annie and Frank make a worthy team. Dedicated to their clientele since entering the business in 2004, this duo welcomes all whether first time buyers or those already experienced in the market. Serving the whole of Door County, Annie and Frank are intimately familiar with each individual village or town. This knowledge makes them the go to group when searching out the perfect spot to call home.

Specializing in:

Residential Homes

Residential Land

Waterfront Properties

Horseshoe Bay Golf


Let Annie and Frank assist with your realty needs. Together they will walk you through the steps all the way to handing over a shiny new set of keys. Welcome to Door County!


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