Life is fine on the farm. Animals are more than happy living in Egg Harbor at Plum Loco Animal Farm. As a local animal sanctuary the critters here welcome families to get to know them. Everyone’s favorite seems to be represented. Horses, miniature donkeys and ponies happily kick up their hooves. Goats and sheep hang about their herds. Turkeys gobble up goodies while chicken scratch in the dirt nearby. Pot bellied pigs are sure to say hello. All the animals like a treat or two. There is plenty of feed available for visitors to hand out. Those feeling a bit sheepish about handing a horse a carrot can get help from the experts.

Children living in Egg Harbor love to spend time in the play farm village. Designed just for them, kids stretch their imagination in recreated settings. The farmhouse has a pint sized kitchen, laundry line and garden. In the barn tractors are ready for small farmers to operate. Shopping is done in the Plum Loco General Store. And, a long play table is filled with farm scenes inspiring laughter filled moments of play.

Fall Into Fun On Egg Harbor Property

Autumn is always extra fun at the farm. In celebration of fall special festivities take place. Pumpkins are on scene from late September to the end of October. It’s not just about choosing the right one to turn into a jack-o-lantern. Pumpkins are painted at Plum Loco Farm. Little artists can put on a smock and get creative. Once finished their masterpieces dry in the sun while they visit with the animals or play in the structures.

Take time to talk to the animals. Farm fresh memories are made at Plum Loco Farm so plan a trip today.